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On June 3, 2012, West End Baptist Church approved arevised version of its Constitution, Bylaws, and the addition of a Policy and Procedures Manual.  The revisions were the result of a lengthy study by the Transition Team, review  and discussions during "Town Hall" meetings and buisness meetings.

A revised mission statement and new core values were added to the constitution.  In the bylaws, some committees were combined and a new Information and Technology Committee was added.  Details of committee duties and process were removed from the bylaws and placed in a policy and procedures manual that will become the repository of all church policy and procedure.

Many of the changes were made to create a new openness in all decision making.  All church members will have greater opportunity for participation, buy-in and awareness in church decisions.  Other changes simply recognized changes in our life together and to reflect accurately the way we conduct our relationship together.  Finally, many small changes were made to improve readability, spelling, grammar and formatting.

Below is a link to these combined operational documents in portable document format (PDF).  This electronic format has a table of contents to help readers go directly to pages of interest.  It also allows readers to search the documents using Adobe Reader's search function (Ctl-F).  You can also use Adobe Reader to print the entire document or any page or  portion of it you select.

Revision of church documents is an ongoing process.  The Policy and Procedures Manual, with the exception of the Endowment section, can be revised at any business meeting.  The Constitution and Bylaws can be revised by following the procedures outlined in the ammendments section of each.  From this time forward, the Church Council is the body primarily charged with review and revision of the primary documents.

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Policy and Procedures Manual