West End Baptist Church had its origin in the 1870's as a vision of First Baptist Church of Petersburg.  First Baptist saw the need for a church in the rapidly growing western part of the city and established a Sunday afternoon school and Friday evening prayer meeting.  in 1878, First Baptist purchased a chapel building from the Presbyterians and named it West Washington Street Baptist Chapel.  In late 1879, the Virginia Baptist State Missions Board sent Rev. J. A. Speight to guide this work.  Two years later, Rev. C. H. Nash became the missionary pastor and on March 31, 1882, forty-two members were transferred from First Baptist and the new church was formally constituted.  The name was officially changed to West End Baptist church a short time later.

Beginning in 1900, the church was housed in a marvelous facility at 1017 West Washington Street.  The membership continued to expand and reach out to the growing population of the area.  Mission projects, including several new church plants; ministries, such as extensive Sunday School bus routes; programs, including multiple choirs; and sponsorship and participation in evangelistic crusades helped grow West End's positive Christian witness throughout the area. 

In the 1960's, the population of Petersburg began changing and moving further out of the city.  As a result, West End began examining the possibility and need for relocating.  By the 1990's the need became very apparent. 

Several sites around the city were considered and the Boydton Plank Road site was purchased.  After much prayer, planning, and work, the new building was completed in 1996.  Several components from the old building were incorporated in the new structure, including the stained glass windows and pulpit furniture.  The ending of the wonderful years of worship and service on Washington Street was sad, but the excitement of the new possibilities was tremendous.

Through the years the church has been served by eighteen additional pastors, several interims and numerous staff persons, but the heart of West End has always been the people.  Although the location has changed, God's people at West End Baptist Church have continually sought God and shared His love with our world.