Community Survey Results


On March 13, 2023, we mailed just over 3,300 envelopes to the postal carrier routes within three miles of West End Baptist Church.  The mailing included a community survey and general information about the church.  Surveys could be completed online or the mailed paper survey could be completed and retuned in an included post-paid envelope.  Survey experts told us to expect around thirty-three surveys to be completed and returned.  We are pleased that 94 households took the time to complete and return the surveys.  The survey was closed after the first week of April.

This survey asked participants to identify service programs, activities and self-improvement opportunities they believe would be helpful to our community or their family members.  Participants were also asked if they attended church at least once per month.  They were also asked what things kept them from attending a church more often and what would motivate them to attend church more often. The survey also asked what style of church service they preferred.

We also asked participants if they would be willing to participate in a round table discussion about the matters addressed by the survey, if they would like to share prayer requests, if they would like to receive the results of the survey, or if they would like for someone from the church to contact them.  Finally, they were given opportunity to share personal contact information if they desired to do so.  No personal information is shared in the results shown below.

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