Once again, West End Baptist is offering a Bible-based creative arts camp, entitled, "Creative Missions."  Camp will begin on Monday, June 24th and continue through Friday, June 28th.

Children who have completed Kindergarten and older children through age 12 are eligible and will be able to choose creative arts tracks to follow for the week.  They will select from culinary arts/cooking, gardening, music, painting, needle arts, and woodworking.  Fuller track descriptions are given below.

Evenings will begin with a child appropriate Bible study.  After Bible study, the children will go to one of the two tracks they have selected.  After the period for the first track ends, they will participate in a brief recreation and snacks period, then go to their other track. We will end the week with a slightly different schedule for two planned mission events.

On Friday night we will work together to pack 10,000 meals to help meet the needs of hungry people in our world.  What a great feeling you will have knowing you helped so many people!

Early registration gives your child the best possibility of selecting their preferred tracks.  When you arrive with your child(ren) for the first day they attend, you will be asked to pay a $5.00 registration fee for each child.  The fee does not begin to cover the cost of the camp, but we hope it will encourage you and your child to take seriously the agreement you sign when you register and to participate faithfully throughout the week.

The paragraphs at the bottom of this page give you opportunity to preview the Parent's Consent and the Campers and Parents Pledge you will be asked to sign.  We look forward to sharing with your child(ren) the creativity of our gloriously creative God through these hands-on experiences with art and Bible study.

Here are the tracks with fuller descriptions:

Culinary Arts:  Learn to prepare creative foods that your fellow campers will enjoy looking at and tasting.  

Gardening: Learn basic gardening skills from a master gardener!

Music: Experience making music with instruments!

Painting:  Learn how to use the artists' tools to create a painted work of art.  Some very talented folks will help you learn to see and reproduce the beauty you see all around you.

Needle Arts: Create something beautiful with needle, thread, fabric and/or yarn.

Woodworking:  Use wood to build an interesting craft.  You'll have a craft to use or share by the end of the week.


 Click HERE to register a child who has completed kindergarten or higher (up to and including age 12)


Preview of Consent and Pledge:

(If you register your child online, you will need to certify that you have read the material below and sign your name indicating your agreement)


Consent for Camp Participation and Campers’ Pledge


I/We grant permission for __________________________________(child’s name) to participate in the Creative Arts Bible Camp at West End Baptist Church.

The camp will take place Monday June 24 – Friday June 28, 2019 from 6:00 pm to 8:30 pm. Campers may be dropped off no earlier than 5:45 pm and picked up by 8:40 pm each evening.

A fee of $5 per child is due upon registration, with no family paying more than $15.  This fee will help cover the cost of art supplies, materials, and the evening snacks.

Parent/Guardian Signature: ______________________________             Date: ___________   


Campers and Parents:

We understand that for every Camper to have the most fun, it is important that everyone attending the Creative Arts Camp participates fully and with a good spirit. Therefore, we agree to the following pledge as shown by our signatures:

I (the Camper) will participate fully in each activity.

I will show respect for Instructors and Leaders, other Campers, myself, and the building and materials around me.

Should there be any misunderstanding between myself and another Camper, I will first try to work it out with that person. If I need help, I will talk to a camp Leader or Instructor.

If I am unable or unwilling to participate in a safe and constructive manner, my parents/guardians and I fully understand that they will be contacted, and I will be sent home from camp. The Creative Arts Bible Camp will not be able to refund the camp fee if I should be sent home for reasons of non-compliance or disruptive or unsafe behavior.

Camper Signature: _____________________________

Parent/Guardian Signature: ______________________________             Date: ___________   

Phone number where I can be reached immediately: ____________________


Transportation Permission:

Part of our camp may involve a trip to the Dinwiddie Rehabilitation Center just north of the church to take some of the items we create to the residents. Please fill in the permission below to allow your child to be transported.


I/We grant transportation permission for __________________________________(child’s name) by vehicles provided by the church.

Parent/Guardian Signature: ______________________________             Date: ___________   


Photo-Release Permission

During camp, we will be taking photographs of the children participating in camp activities and posting some pictures on our Facebook page. We will not be listing the names of any of the children in the photographs. Please select the appropriate option in the sentence below and sign.

I ___ do  ___ do NOT give permission for West End Baptist to use photos of my child in online posts about the 2019 Creative Arts Bible Camp.

Parent/Guardian Signature: ______________________________             Date: ___________                                


(If your child is on a medication that must be administered during the hours of camp, please fill out the following permission and leave a contact number where you can be reached immediately if we have any questions about the medication. Any medicine left for the child must be in the original container with the child’s information clearly listed on the label.  You may also remain or return to the camp to administer the medicine yourself if you prefer.)

Parental Authorization to Give Medicine

West End Baptist Church Creative Arts Bible Camp 2019

Child Name: ________________________________________________________

I give my permission for the volunteer staff at West End Baptist Church to give the following medicine(s) to my child.

Parent/Guardian Signature: _________________________    Date: __________

Contact number: _______________________

Name of Medicine on the label:  ______________________________________________

Medicine dose on the label: _________________________________________________

Possible side effects: ______________________________________________________

Required storage: 
___ Refrigerate   ___ Refrigeration not required

Reason medication needed: ___________________________________________________________________

Special Instructions: